Live Local Planning Applications

Please contact the Community Council if you have any concers or questions about planning applications that have been submitted.Below are the applications that are currently open for public comment.

Planned Road Closures

Please be advicsed that the following streets will be subject to a closure from 08 August 022 for 5 days, for road surfacing works to be carried out by Aberdeenshire Council.

Main Street, Rothienorman between Fyvie Road and Rosebank

Fyvie Road, Rothienorman between Main Street and Simpson Cresent

Fraser Court, Rothienorman between Main Street and Fraser Court Car Park

Rothie Park, Rothienorman between Main Street and The Hawthorns

A signed diverson will be via Fyvie Road, C455 (Gordonstown), B9001 Rothienormand and vice versa.

Please be advised that C28s, Turriff, from Birkenhills to the junction with C26s will be subject to a closure from 15 August 2022 for 5 days, to allow preparation for road surfacing works to be carried out on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council. A signed diversion will be via A947 (Turriff), B9170 (Turriff), B9170 (Cuminestown), Main Street (Cuminestown), Teuchar Road (Cuminestown), C26s (Cuminestown) and vice versa.

Crime and Safety

  • The lateste (No. 51) trading standards bulletin from Aberdeenshire Council is available below.
  • The latest Ward 7 Community Council Police Report (June 2022) is available below

Government Consultations 

In addition to voting, we would like to encourage residents to actively participate in the political process by giving regular feedback to their elected representatives and administrations. One way you can do this is by particpating in governement consultations.

We wil lregularly alert residents to consultations which appear to be of particular local interest here on the website. In addition, there is a consultation system set up for Scottish Government policy here, and the UK Government here.  Both Scottish and UK governments are regularly looking for feeback from citizens with knowledge in particular areas, so these are interesting websites to check out.