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Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Consultation Ends: 4th July, 2024

Greens 400kV Substation - Second Pre Application Consultation

After the second round of pre-application consultation events held in New Deer and Cuminestown, SSEN will continue to take feedback until the 4th of July. Please see the project page here for details:

Greens (New Deer 2) 400kV Substation - SSEN Transmission (

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Consultation Ends: 2nd Aug, 2024

Beauly to Blackhillock to New Deer to Peterhead 400kV OHL Project

Pre-application consultation events, feedback closes 2nd Aug. Details below

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Event Date: 25th June, 2024

Pre-Application Engagement – Prospective Application(s) for Land at Upper
Greenfields, Cuminestown, Aberdeenshire – Development of 375MW Battery Energy
Storage Systems (BESS) and Substations, Associated Access, Infrastructure, and

A formal in-person Consultation Event will take place on Tuesday 25 June 2024 from 1.00 p.m.
until 8.00 p.m. in the Cuminestown Community Hall, Main Street, Cuminestown, AB53 5YJ.
The developers will provide further information, and any feedback to comments received to date at a
further follow up event which will take place in the Summer of 2024. They would welcome
the community's attendance at these public meetings, which will provide you with an opportunity to find
out more about the prospective development and to ask any questions.

Project website is here:

Upper Greenfields | Lower 48 Energy | Battery Energy Storage Project

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Funding Closes: 3rd July, 2024

Funding for Community Ecosystem Restoration

There is a new fund just launched for community groups to develop local ecosystem restoration projects – I wanted to let you know about it in the hope that you can help with promoting it across your contacts in communities as the timescale for applications is tight (deadline 3 July) and it is a great opportunity.


Projects must focus on:

  1. Connecting nature corridors
  2. Habitat and species restoration
  3. Freshwater and wetland restoration
  4. Coastal and marine initiatives
  5. Control of invasive non-native species impacting on nature
  6. Enhancing and connecting nature within villages, towns, or cities

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Survey Closes: 30th June, 2024

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Survey

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has launched an online survey as they consider future changes to our emergency service.


We encourage all communities in Aberdeenshire to consider responding to the consultation.  Further information, including a link to the survey can be found at the following webpage Shaping our Future Service: Your Say | Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (


They say: “There are issues that we must address with our ageing estate while ensuring that we are best placed to meet the changing community risk across Scotland.

The survey, titled Shaping Our Future Service: Your Say, is open until 30 June 2024 and marks the first stage in our engagement with communities, staff, representative bodies, partners and elected members. We want to be a modern fire and rescue service that is ready for the challenges of Scotland’s future. We want to do more for our communities, not just by responding to incidents but by stopping them from happening. To make sure we have the right resources in the right place at the right time we need to change.”

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Survey Closes: 25th June, 2024

Survey on Aberdeenshire's Public Open Spaces

What are your views on Aberdeenshire’s public open spaces?


We all know public open space is good for us – whether it’s a sense of place around where we live or a place to take the kids on a Sunday afternoon to kick a ball around. 


It might be a place to undertake vigorous exercise, a place where children can play as explorers and treasure hunters, or simply a place to meet, sit or walk and enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of Aberdeenshire.


Our local open spaces are important for everyone.


As part of the production of the next Local Development Plan, which identifies new land for housing, Aberdeenshire Council wants to know what people think of their existing local parks and playgrounds.


Over the past 12 months, an audit of open space within towns and villages across Aberdeenshire was undertaken, and the council now wants to hear the views of people who live near these places as to whether the conclusions of the audit are accurate.


Now Aberdeenshire Council is making all the information collected through the audit available for public comment with maps being developed highlighting the types and quality of both open space and play areas across the region.


An online consultation is now live which asks people to reflect on what the Local Development Plan team has found, and an online map will allow residents to view the data collected to-date. It will close on Friday, July 26.


Over the next eight weeks people can express their views on the collected information through the Engage Aberdeenshire LDP consultation hub where people can express their views and identify what they would like to see in terms of future provision.


The questionnaire and the documents are available at


Project lead, council policy planner Alison Hogge, explains: “Open space provides an important function in our urban areas and it’s vital that we know whether the open space that we currently have is still fit for purpose or whether – given the challenges of climate change and impact on biodiversity – they are still meeting modern needs and demands.


“Since the last audit in 2008, Aberdeenshire has seen significant built development and it’s now an appropriate time to for us to re-evaluate open space to ensure that we can plan for needs in the future.”


The Local Development Plan team has used a template provided by the Scottish Government to undertake the audit which identifies all play areas and open space over or around the size of three tennis courts. Officers have assessed them to understand the quantity and quality of the different open space types and whether they are accessible to all within the community.


Assessing the ‘play sufficiency’ in our towns and villages has also been an important task, and the council has identified, evaluated and assessed opportunities for play. 


Paul Macari, Head of Planning and Economy, added: “A key part of that process has been finding out what young people think of current provision and getting their views on what open space Aberdeenshire Council will need to provide in the future. We’ve engaged with all our schools together with parent councils so we could also ask parents and carers to capture the views on the needs of younger children.”

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Survey Closes: 12th July, 2024

Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) Evidence Report Topic Papers

In response to requirements of the National Planning Framework 4, Aberdeenshire Council is producing themed “topic papers” on each of the subjects we are required to consider. We are publishing these to make sure that we have identified and examined the right information, and that our conclusions on what that information might mean for the content of the Local Development Plan is appropriate.


We would like to draw your attention to three new “topic papers” that we have published on the EngageAberdeenshire LDPHub on which we would welcome your views.


We have just published topic papers on :


Business and Industry, that presents a comprehensive analysis of the Business and Industry sector, highlighting the role of land use planning and the Local Development Plan's spatial strategy in assisting sustainable economic growth and equitable transition from oil and gas over the next 15 years. (


Culture and Creativity, that  looks at the spatial implications of the importance of culture and creativity  to Aberdeenshire, and how the Local Development Plan can promote investment in the creative sector, culture, heritage and the arts (; and


Blue and Green Infrastructure that continues one of the overarching themes within National Planning Framework 4 of protecting and enhancing biodiversity by considering evidence on the existing distribution of blue and green infrastructure and ways of ensuring that nature based solutions are used in future to add significant value to our communities through designing with nature within a whole range of elements, from access to flood alleviation. Https://


Please direct any queries you have on any of the Topic Papers to

Date of Posting: 22 June, 2024

Trade Standards Scams Bulletin no 91

Date of Posting: 06, April 2024

Exciting new project in Aberdeenshire aims to kickstart local economies with community-led business support

Aberdeenshire Council has launched a new project with a dedicated team to support locals in starting and growing their own businesses.

‘Enterprising Aberdeenshire’ is designed, developed and delivered by Aberdeenshire Council and is entirely funded through the UK Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

It aims to help local people start their own businesses by engaging in the community and providing tailored services informed by their needs.

Spanning all six areas within Aberdeenshire – Banff & Buchan, Buchan, Formartine, Garioch, Kincardine and Mearns and Marr – the project will have a dedicated co-ordinator within each area.

The project will foster enterprise activity and business success by offering free advice and support, while connecting communities through diverse events and workshops. The team will work to connect aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to the right people and services to help them reach their full potential.

Co-ordinators have already been out exploring their respective areas and getting to know the businesses, with very positive feedback already coming from communities and firms alike.

Are you considering starting your own business or already a new entrepreneur? ‘Enterprising Aberdeenshire’ wants to connect with you! For further details about the project, visit

Date of Posting: 06, April 2024

Rubbish Collection Information

New bin collection rules were rolled out across Aberdeenshire over the past few months. There have been some hiccups, and a lot of information circulated.  Below are some links and documents for residents and businesses to refer to for questions about the new system.

Link to Council website with schedules:

3-weekly bin collections - Aberdeenshire Council

Information about disrupted bin collections and how to report:

Disruptions to bin collections - Aberdeenshire Council

How to download the My Aberdeenshire App:

myAberdeenshire mobile app - Aberdeenshire Council

Date of Posting: 03 Feb, 2024

Huntly Remakery

The Huntly Remakery is a new project, looking to reuse, recycle and reimagine to reduce waste. We are keen to link with other organisations and are developing new projects, including recycling textiles and sewing and repairing clothes. We are looking at other ideas that fit in with our aims too.


We have a Clothes Swap (see attached poster) 6 times a year which has proved very popular, with a great choice of clothes now built up in our storage as well. We are happy to help any other town or organisation if you want to set up something similar.


If you have projects which may fit in with this, or would like to talk to us about what we are doing, please contact us by e-mail or look here: Facebook. Please put the word out among your networks and you are all welcome to pop in to our next Clothes Swap, Saturday 3rd February in Square Deal during the Huntly Farmers' Market, and have a chat with us.


Date of Posting: 03 Feb, 2024

SSEN Transmission - Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) - Greens 400kV Substation (formally referred to as New Deer 2)

Please find below the Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) with accompanying covering letter and plan outlining a proposed development site that has been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.


The PAN relates to a proposed development that would entail the Construction of a 400kV AC Substation and the Associated Undertaking of Earthworks, Formation of Platform, Landscaping, Means of Access, Means of Enclosure, Site Drainage, Temporary Construction Compounds and Other Associated Operations (National Development) at Land at Mains of Greens, Cuminestown, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, AB53 5YQ.


Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc operating and known as Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Transmission (SSEN Transmission), is proposing the development, as described above, within the area shown on the accompanying location plan. Please note that the PAN red line represents a maximum extent of the land that is anticipated to be potentially included in the application site.  This area may be reduced or rationalised as the development proposal becomes finalised.


The PAN outlines the statutory pre-application consultation with the public and other interested stakeholders that is required to be undertaken under the current provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 (as amended), and you have been notified as you are either a community or elected representative of the area within which the strategic development is proposed to take place; or you are a community or elected representative of the most relevant area neighbouring the area within which the strategic development is proposed to take place.


As part of the pre-application process, consultation events will be held as set out below:


Pre-Application Consultation Event Timetable


Date  Location Time Pre-Application Consultation Event 1

Cuminestown 27 February 2024 Cuminestown Community Hall, Cuminestown, AB53 5YJ  1400 and 1900

New Deer 29 February 2024 New Deer Public Hall, Fordyce Terrace, New Deer, AB53 6WE 1400 and 1900

Pre-Application Consultation Event 2

Cuminestown  21 May 2024 Cuminestown Community Hall, Cuminestown, AB53 5YJ 1400 and 1900

New Deer  23 May 2024 New Deer Public Hall, Fordyce Terrace, New Deer, AB53 6WE   1400 and 1900



The events will provide detail of the proposed development and allow feedback from members of the public and other interested parties before submission of a planning application.


The events will be advertised in local press before the consultations take place and via our website


Date of Posting:04 November, 2023

Turriff Rural A2B dial-a-bus: Monday + Wednesday Fixed Timetable Review

Please see update from Aberdeenshire Council below:

In March 2023 we introduced a non-bookable service on Mondays and Wednesdays, operating a fixed timetable route between New Byth / Garmond / Cuminestown and Turriff.  We have taken the opportunity to review this service based on usage since the timetable was introduced and we would like your views on a proposal to amend the timetable.


I have listed the current timetable and the proposed new timetable on Page 2 of this letter.  The main proposed changes are summarised below:


  • Extend the service route to provide transport for Fintry and Crudie.
  • Retime the 11:20 hours return journey from Turriff High Street to 11:30 hours.
  • The bus shelter on High Street at the Museum to be used as the main drop off and pick up bus stop in Turriff.
  • The 11:50 hours journey from New Byth to be withdrawn from the timetable due to little usage.
  • The 13:05 hours and 14:05 hours departures from Turriff High Street to be combined into one journey leaving at 13:35 hours.


We are keen to hear the views of existing customers and residents about these suggestions. If we receive positive responses, we would like to implement timetable changes on Monday 4th December.


If you wish to provide feedback on the proposed new Monday and Wednesday timetable please either phone or email A2B dial-a-bus, using the following contact details, by Friday 17th November.


Telephone: 01467 535 333 (Option 3)